Best Fish Knives Review In 2018 – A Step By Step Guide

2. Morakniv "comfort of fishing" fillet knife
Victorinox Swiss Army 6 Inch Fibrox Pro Boning Knife
This stainless steel fillet knife has a 6.1-inch stainless steel blade. The grip surface does not absorb odor and is easy to grip. The end of the grip handle almost replaces the old school Nor-Mark with a brass anchor instead of a blade and handle.

Made of Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel, this knife is sharp and does not corrode for a long time. Blade thickness is 0.07 inches, total knife length is 10.6 inches.

The plastic sheath is an easy-to-clean material and the entire package comes with a belt loop and clip.

3. Kershaw Clearwater 9-in fillet knife

The Kershaw 9-inch fixed blade fish fillet knife is made of 420J2 stainless steel. Th Carl uses a soft texture polymer grip and is a good knife for eating large fish.

This thick body walleye pike uses a real knife when it's time to cut the blade.

Most of the knives I own are not minors but are well-trimmed. If you can not cut the blade, it is useless to an outdoor man.

4. Governor

This knife is a general purpose, 6-inch fillet knife that is not too long and can not be carried under a tackle box or boat seat when on the water.

This very affordable knife keeps the basic blade design of a commercial fish knife, and you can tell the difference because you buy my field tools from a restaurant service company in your hometown.

This is a work knife that does not have some glitz or glamor, but the hard working vessel is built into the blade and handle.

5. Dexter 6 "Foundation

This blade belongs to the same family. Seawater fish such as the yellow tail when working from the line to the ice cooler to do heavy work with large fish, sometimes cutting or cutting full length fillet sections from northern pike or large walleye freshwater fish.

I have three swords going to Canada for a week fishing fishing trip to the kit. This blade was hand made to me years ago by an old meat cutter. They are hard-bodied hard-bodied fish that do not bend and cut sharp fish.

P94823 6 "is a commercial style blade and, as you can see here, I like it. It is made of carbon steel and stainless steel so you can easily hold sharpened steel.

A few rubs will work again on the cleaning table. All my handmade blades are carbon steel versus stainless steel or harder metal. Stainless steel is cool until you put a new edge on the material. I take this stainless steel knife box to a rancher friend using a butcher shop belt grinder. Every blade has been replaced with a new blade system every year before the big game season.


German-made HC steel knives have two different sheaths for storage and transport. The blade is very slim for detailed cutting work and is made very sophisticated using high-strength carbon steel blades that are polished to 18 degrees per side.

The design is an award-winning pattern, and the whole package is a definite premium blade.

This is a professional chef's cutting tool.

I call them power knives and they will be blunt here - I do not use them at all. Most of the places I fish while fly fishing in Canada do not benefit any form of power knife.

Here, in South Dakota, home games and fisheries agencies are different from building power-up sanitariums for fishermen on rivers and lakes.

This knife does a good job if you have a lot of battery power that you can have or work with.

I spent a short time in a fish pile hurriedly wearing commercial clothes on the Missouri River during a Warrior child fishing trip. I have never seen one of these at work until 19 years ago when I arrived in South Dakota.

Prior to that, he worked as a professional guide in Minnesota and worked on water for a standard knife for thousands of fish for about 40 years.
Best Fish Knives Review In 2018 – A Step By Step Guide